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Nova King

I have always had a dream, to make music and share it with the world. One day, I realized that dream was possible and all it took was for me to just... do it.. I know, sounds so easy.. But in reality, a lot of the time, I have found that when it comes to following your dreams - going for it is the best route. So here I am. Sharing my story.
A lot of people say I wasn't dealt the best cards, and while I am not ignorant to that fact, I believe it's what you do with those cards that counts. I am far from perfect, you'll soon learn that if you haven't already, but what I can say is that I have been to some really, really dark fucking places and.. I feel like I can relate to a lot of people and I share my story in hopes that people can relate too and not feel alone.

My name is Nova King and write music for NovaKingStudios. Thank you for stopping by.

Dark Magic

More Coming Soon....


"If you know me, you know me. If not, that's what the music is for" -Harley